Concern that kinder has only five laptops available for classes of 24.
I am concerned about training teachers to use it appropriately. This takes time and buy in from the teachers.
I am concerned it will be used in non-instructional ways.
I'm concerned about off task activities by students and how to manage these activities.


What kind of extra permissions do we need?
Is it hard to get parents to sign on?
Will students be able to take them home?
How is the troubleshooting going to be handled.
What about the students that do not have internet access at home?
What if they forget their laptop at home?

I've been thinking about the way people (adults and children) organize information. If you were to look at my laptop you could kind of piece together the way my brain works by the way I've organized information and how I've set up things according to the way I use them. What will our students do when given the opportunity to organize information the way THEY need to see it, find it, and use it? To truly prepare them for knowing what to do when they don't know what to do, they need to know themselves and the way they think and learn best. What better way to accomplish this than to give them the tools now?

Another wiki on 1 to 1 laptop intiative.

Here is a publication by Gateway on a One-to-One Laptop Initiatives. It has lots of useful guides we could use regardless of if it is for Gateway or Apple.

1 :1 Computingg

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