How do you envision this project changing how you assess student performance in a classroom?
More authentic and embedded.
Real time as needed.
Information more immediate and applied to inform instruction immediately.

I will use sites/programs that have electronic accountability pieces built in, including school net, Spelling City, Study Island, Brain Pop...there are so many in each individual content area that offer an accountability pieces. Also, Web 2.0 apps offer unique ways to assess student learning as well as programs like Kidspiration, inspiration, i-movie, kid pix. Though not traditional assessment tools, they can offer a unique way to assess student knowledge.

How do you envision this project changing how your respond when students don't learn?
So many more ways to differentiate.

If my kids all have laptops and an assessment tells me three of my kids have gaps in multiplication skills, I can have them link directly to math practice pages that are bookmarked onto their laptops. Students can use choice-or choose two of five math practice pages.

I imagine that when I discover my students are not learning as I expect they should I will reach toward technology as a way to remediate and motivate students to learn.

How do you envision this project changing how you differentiate instruction?

Technology offers many ways to differentiate instruction. Many interactive sites offer tiered levels of learning so that more advanced students can learn at a higher level. (Maths Files, for example, or the BBC's Bitesize site.) Technology also offers opportunities for students with various interests and learning styles to pursue their interests in different ways. I think of technology access and choice as synonymous concepts.

How do you envision this project changing how you respond to incorrect answers or misconceptions?

Students will be able to search out the correct answers to questions that they have mistakenly answered.

Students can use technology to validate their beliefs.

How do you envision this project changing how you run your classroom?

For guidance lessons, we would no longer have to search for unused computers, attempt to schedule lab time, and more online assessments could be done.

I have always thought of myself as a facilitator, but with increased use of computers, I think I would have to become more facile at being a facilitator. I think I will also attempt on a deeper scale to connect learning with real life and global concerns.

I see myself as a learner, just like the students will be.