As we move into thinking about and applying for a 1:1 initiative, sharing our ideas, our concerns, our thoughts and our questions will help us build the best infrastructure for implementation. To that end, we'd like to come to our meeting on September 13 with some shared resources, readings and information to share.

Each grade level will focus on one of our FQL elements of curriculum, assessment or instruction. Each team member will find a resource or two on the web to share with all of us about that element and a 1:1 initiative.

That research should be finished by September 10 so that we all can choose at least ONE article/webpage/resource from the other two elements to read over the weekend of September 10 to be ready for conversations on the 13th.

Curriculum: 3rd Grade
Assessment: 4th Grade
Instruction: 5th Grade

Please post your resources on the CAI page by Friday, September 10.

Also, between now and September 10, please read about T-PACK. Look at the questions on the content, pedagogy and technology pages and share your thoughts on some of the questions.

Our Google Doc narrative

What research says:
The Digital Learning Environment: What the Research Tells Us

JTLA Volume 9 This has five articles on 1:1 initiatives and how it changes classrooms (or not).

Project RED Research
Project RED provides you a selection of articles summarizing successful implementations of technology-transformed schools.